My day In Gastonia NC

Gastonia is a beautiful area of NC without a lot of the large businesses that you normally see in bigger cities. There are several historical homes in Gastonia and amazing views of the mountains of the state in the distance, especially if you’re standing at a point above the rest of the town. Parks are abundant in Gastonia. While visiting, I took my children to Lineberger Park as well as Martha Rivers Park. Each one featured a few walking trails, but Lineberger Park offers more in the way of playground equipment for children to enjoy. Dogs are usually allowed at both locations, but they must be on leashes, and you have to clean up after your pets. There are shelters at the parks for people who want to enjoy a picnic or need a large space for a special event.


The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall is a fun adventure if you enjoy looking for older items to take home. There’s usually something different every time you enter the mall, such as furniture, pictures, books, and decorations for shelves and tables in the home. This is perhaps my favorite destination in Gastonia because I enjoy history and antiques. The mall has sections of the building staged in ways to look like different rooms of the home, such as the kitchen or the living room, making it easier to see how things can be arranged and to see how they can be used.


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